We will pick up the Bride, Father of the Bride, from your location. Then on to church and Venue for Bride and groom.


We will pick up bridesmaids then onto church bride and father of the bride, Then on to church and Venue for Bride and groom.

Whatever your budget

Whatever your budget I will work the same way your wedding day, please be assured I will always give you the best possible photography. You’re paying for the type of Gift box or album you have bought afterwards. I have 20 Years experience in photography, with 6 awards, the last two I was voted in the top 150 photographers in the world in 2012-13 for two years running. I am from a "Fine Art & Design" background, which means something very different for you. If you want conventional, hundreds of posed images then I am not for you. If you looking for ‘of the moment’ photography, something that tells the viewer something special. Then I am for you. I am often given free choice in what I take but I would also recommend some posed, but it should take too long and done in 10 minutes. I meet every customer well before the wedding date at the venue whenever possible. I like to hear your plains and bounce ideas of each other.

The getting ready photography shots are in many ways important to me as a photographer, because it can capture that moment which many people never see. It’s not the messy rooms or frantic the bride or bridesmaids fine themselves in. Or putting on the makeup. It could be the hairdresser cautiously adding the vale to the Bride or possible the excitement of the of flowers bouquet arriving? Whatever it is, I can safely say it can be very astonishing time, as something not to be missed. I know it’s not for everyone so I won’t be offended if you don’t want that so of thing. I carve the feeling of making a little piece art for you. Something special, beautiful, contemporary, modern. Black and white or colour I feel there will be something for you.

I am often asked how many photographs will I receive, well that’s a hard one to answer because there are so many variables to take into account. I like to think anything up to 150-180 which will make the contact sheet. These contact sheets you get to keep in digital form. I only use the best equipment, with fast camera lenses, and the best printer quality for a beautiful crafted images.

£840 Wedding car & Photography. This includes DVD, USB, Gift Box and 20 Images Printed.

If you would like to be treated as a star, please do get in touch because Alluring luxury is just a phone cali away

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